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Room 42 is a new hybrid, taking the best parts of traditional webinars, interview-style podcasts, and online teaching to move us all in a new direction. In the room, you will find the leaders who are molding the new professionals and advancing the profession. Room 42 is where content professionals come share vetted, peer-reviewed research in and around content, writing, rhetoric, argumentation, analysis, linguistics, and more to help us all be better communicators.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Audio Description Improves Accessibility

    Dr. Brett Oppegaard, Ph.D., University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, researches digital media at intersections of technical communication, disability studies, mobile technologies, digital inequalities, and journalism. He teaches about news literacy, multimedia production, media accessibility, and media entrepreneurship, including within his two primary areas of scholarly expertise: ...


  2. Asset-Based Inquiry Can Reveal Solutions

    Dr. Lucía Dura is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing Studies in the English Department and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). She is a border resident with bordered identities and perspectives who enjoys working on collaborative, interdisciplinary projects. Lucía teaches ...


  3. Writing Professionals Can Build Bridges

    Xiaoli Li is an Associate Professor of Professional and Technical Writing at University of Dayton, Ohio. She teaches technical writing, business writing, writing for the Web, usability and UX. During the winter intersessions of 2019 and 2020, she took students in her professional and technical writing in ...


  4. Transparency, Big Data, & Composition

    Dr. Amanda Licastro has a doctorate in English and recently moved from her position as an Assistant Professor to take on a role as the Emerging and Digital Literacy Designer at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research explores the intersection of technology and writing, including book history, dystopian ...


  5. Don't Be Sidelined By Your Slides

    Dr Traci Nathans-Kelly, is currently the Associate Director for the Engineering Communications Program at Cornell University, College of Engineering. Traci has taught technical, business, engineering, and scientific communication courses since 1989.  She co-authored IEEE’s “English for Technical Professionals” online course, and she serves on the IEEE Educational Activities ...