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Room 42 is a new hybrid, taking the best parts of traditional webinars, interview-style podcasts, and online teaching to move us all in a new direction. In the room, you will find the leaders who are molding the new professionals and advancing the profession. Room 42 is where content professionals come share vetted, peer-reviewed research in and around content, writing, rhetoric, argumentation, analysis, linguistics, and more to help us all be better communicators.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. COVID-Inspired Lessons About Charts

    Dr. Sara Doan is an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication at Kennesaw State University, where she teaches data visualization, information design, and Health and Medicine in Technical Communication. Dr. Doan's previous research on instructor feedback has appeared in IEEE Transactions on Technical Communication; her research on COVID-19 charts ...


  2. Trauma-Informed Design Supports Equity

    A panel of academics from Michigan State University -- Ben Lauren, Stuart Blythe, Shannon Kelly, and Kaitlyn Nguyen -- discuss how they developed trauma-informed approaches to research and design practice.    Ben Lauren is a songwriter, scholar, and Associate Professor at Michigan State University in the Department of ...


  3. Exploring UX-Techcomm Intersection

    Emma Rose has spent her career crossing the academic and industry divide. She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Washington Tacoma and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Human Centered Design & Engineering at University of Washington Seattle. Her research interests include participatory and human-centered design ...


  4. Techcomm Improves Customer Experience

    Guiseppe Getto is an Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at East Carolina University and is President and Founder of Content Garden, Inc., a digital marketing, content strategy, and UX firm: His research focuses on utilizing user experience (UX) design, content ...


  5. Get Published And Ignite Change

    Pam Estes Brewer, Mercer University, researches topics related to communication in virtual teams, online teaching, usability, and research methods. She teaches general technical communication courses as well as advanced and graduate courses in usability research, research methods, and international tech comm. Join us in Room 42 as ...